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Scott Kyson established his London practice Kyson in 2006.

Before moving to London, he began his career working and studying for an apprenticeship in architecture - learning the traditional art of drawing and the skill of detailing. During this period a foundation of rigour, proportion and rationale would be laid that would eventually underpin his passion for design.

Having spent extensive periods in the far-East, Scott has developed an affection for the deep-rooted relationships between traditional, vernacular architecture and culture; in particular the connections between people, rituals and nature that are played out on ethereal backdrops of light, shadow and materials.

This cultural experience combined with his passion for contextual design and schooling in proportion formed the idiom for his practice. Even today, the themes continue to resonate through his projects; with his architecture providing dramatic stages for everyday life in varying backdrops from gritty urban residential to bespoke and restrained, high-end opulence.

His passion for architecture, alongside an understanding of market conditions has also ensured that his role runs far beyond the traditional sense; from pre-conception consultancy to an active role in the development and progression of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

Scott's works have received critical acclaim and have been extensively published in leading architectural publications.